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Well… Internet Dating Is Not The Life For Me

Remember a few days ago (maybe a week or so…) I mentioned online dating? Remember when I said I would go undercover? Remember when I said that I don’t always have the best ideas? (Oh, I didn’t say that? Darn.)

I posted my profile on Plentyoffish.com the day I came up with the idea, and it didn’t take long to hook a few guys (or more than a few, but I don’t want to brag). Some of these guys were the stories you hear about – older than me, old enough to be my father, and older than my father. Then there were people my age, not too much younger than me, cute but I don’t date younger, and barely legal. THEN came the weirdos, the “no-wonder-why-you’re-single-even-though-I-shouldn’t-judge”. Luckily, there were a few cute guys! Yay!

Or not. After a few messages back and forth between one rather good looking guy, I gave him my number. (Please don’t roll your eyes and say that was a stupid idea. I know it was.) However, I kept forgetting to check my profile while being busy with my school life and working. I actually was interested in him; he was tall, funny, Hispanic, and I started to think maybe this internet dating thing isn’t such a terrible thing after all. I guess by my past tense, you can tell I changed my mind?


Within a day, I was receiving over 30 text messages from him. Given my texting record, that is about average from any of my friends – but these messages began ranging from “What’s up?” to (and it pains me to type this way) “Where r u” and “Y dont u reply” (no question marks!). I responded, reminding him that I was working, and went on with my day. The next day, we spoke on the phone and even though I was feeling weird, we had a lot in common so I brushed it off. I know, that was my worst mistake with this guy.

This long story is really hard to summarize, now that I think about it. I ended up telling him to delete my number and not contact me again MULTIPLE TIMESHe responded:

I’m not going to give up on You so yeah.. You’re going to have to delete your # if You want to get rid of me. I hate to be like this, but thats how it gonna be.


Did you just get chills down your back? I got them again just rereading that message. 

The next day, I received a bipolar mix of messages. He wanted to know who I thought I was by being mean to him, telling me he hated me and wished I would die, saying he was sorry and that he’d forgive me for being mean, and that we were meant to be together. On the 24th of October, I called the police to figure out my options. I had given him some information about me (never disclosing where I lived, but I did say what school I went to and that I worked at the Mall – which I won’t disclose here since I’ve officially learned my lesson). They said that I had all the information I needed to arrest this guy, but that would lead to trial and I don’t think I want that. 

I sent him one final text – to leave me alone, delete my number, and never contact me again or else I’d have him arrested. I also blocked his number on my phone with an app. He agreed, and after calling me ugly, asking me to leave him alone as well, he went silent.

Until the 27th at 8:44 and 9:56 pm. Should I go through with my threat? I just realized he had texted because the app did its job – and I was just looking for that one super creepy quote text to put in this blog. 

I’m not sure how I feel. I have the chills again, want to cry, and then think that it’s been a few days since the last, last text… so maybe he’ll stop? Or maybe he’ll see that there are no police around and continue. I don’t know anymore. What do you think?


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