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The Future

When we think about our futures, we tend to imagine what we are going to be doing in them – life wise. Will I have a family? Will I have the job of my dreams? Will I be broke, hiding out in my parents’ basement as I contemplate what my major should have been?

Rarely, if ever, do I think about the technology of the future. It is absolutely insane to me to think that a few hundred years ago the light bulb was this mind-blowing invention that allowed people to have longer days. No need for the previous invention – the candle. Fast forward a few years and we can start recording sounds and images. In the last ten years, we have moved from cassette tapes to CDs (and the ever skipping Walkman) to the iPod generation. I don’t want to go into more extreme details – if you are reading this, chances are you already know the history I’m going through.

This is all an elaborate introduction to my main point: What is technology going to be like ten years from now? As far as it [technology] goes now, things are getting thinner, smaller, wider, and larger all at the same time. What brought on all these questions? My dad told me to look up this video: A Day Made of Glass.

My mind is officially blown at the things I saw and the rest of the things I began thinking about. It would be so cool, yet so creepy. Talk about walls having ears… and eyes, and sensitivity. As cool as it would be to put your glass phone down and see everything on a bigger screen, the fact that the person on the other side can see you too is slightly unnerving. I would be terrified of somebody hacking into my system and seeing me, whenever. Maybe this future will grow on me? Not like I have a choice.


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