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When you finish reading the following, close your eyes and imagine: Children screaming and laughing, the pitter of small feet running around, a crash of toys – where are you?

If you imagined a serene park, a toy store, a children’s shoe store… you are way off. More often than not, that is the sound of a restaurant. While I do not want to go this far, there are certain points that I feel are correct.

If you cannot keep your child under control, maybe they are not ready for a restaurant? I agree with this North Carolina restaurant sign,

Unruly kids

I think I’d misbehave for that though…

although a free puppy and an espresso sound pretty tempting to me.

There also needs to be a focus on what type of restaurant you are dining at and what time of day. Lunch tends to be fairly busy, but dinner is even more hectic. Fast food restaurants – no one really cares; sit down areas – you better keep an eye on all children under the age of 13. It gets annoying to have children bumping into your seat, squeezing past you in a game of tag, and (almost) knocking over a waiter carrying a few meals.

What I am noticing now, however, is the complete lack of etiquette amongst adults! At a restaurant today, this man continued to extend his arm across the narrow ridge connecting our booths.  His arm kept bumping into the back of my head, and he never once apologized- even when I turned to give him the look.

Technology is also creeping into restaurants in a highly annoying manner. DO NOT PLAY HOME VIDEOS ON YOUR PHONE or tablet, at full blast, when the restaurant is still fairly quiet. Not only does the sound come with the creepy, horror movie static, but not everyone wants to hear the raucous laughter from your table when your family member does something stupid and you happened to record it.

To summarize what I would like to tell the people I experienced dining with today:

Bon Qui Qui, Rude





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BreakUp Songs, Yay or Nay?

I know we all want to have the last word, especially when it comes to a horribly, terribly, depressing breakup. However, most of us are not as talented as Taylor Swift (“I hold onto the night, you looked  me in the eye and told me you loved me…were you just kidding….” [from Forever and  Always] and etc.) or as over the break up as Kelly Clarkson (“Since you been gone, I can breathe for the first time… I’m so moving on….” [from Since You Been Gone] and etc.). However, is it always a good thing to have that last word?

Some songs/poems/stories can be very inventive in saying the final goodbye. Revenge is, as someone says, the sweetest tasting treat. Making sure you don’t sound like a petty teenager is incredibly important. Also, don’t make it seem as though all future ex-boyfriends should know they face the risk of being written about *ahemTaylorSwift*. It is fun to sing along to her lyrics, most girls do have that sense of being wronged and betrayed by their lover. Yet, it seems as though she has a song for every guy she’s dated, and the booklets of her CD’s tend to give her fans the big hints about who the songs are aimed at, sometimes the title even works (Dear John). Swift even mentions that her subject(s) should have known she would vent about it to her multitudes of fans.
Other musicians go about taking the breakup as a step in the right direction. Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” is a mantra for women, no matter what age. You know the lyrics regardless of what sex you may be (“Go on now go, walk out the door. Just turn around now, cause you’re not welcome anymore…”). Other positive, more to this new generation of music, breakup songs include Beyoncé’s Best Thing I Never Had (“You turned out to be the best thing I never had…”), to the new Carrie Underwood (Good in Goodbye).  These songs tend to “brush the dirt of your shoulders” and move on from the relationship.
I guess the main thing I want to say is that breakup songs can be good as long as the listener doesn’t repeat the playlist while shedding tears into a pint of Ben and Jerry’s weeks after the relationship ends. There are a good amount of songs that could be used as a passage of time… but if you are listening to any breakup song that makes you cry for a relationship that lasted less than a month, there are other things we need to discuss than music taste.

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