This is me now 🙂

I was born in the sweltering heat of a Puerto Rican hospital back in 1991. Maybe. I don’t remember much of my life before the age of three. But I’ve been told it was hot and in Puerto Rico.
I love animals, mainly dogs and monkeys and beluga whales. I can spend hours at the GA Aquarium and not be bored. I can also enjoy a trip to the zoo even though I haven’t been in years.
I love music. The louder the better (unless I have an excruciating headache, in which case Silence is Golden). My iPod can play hard rock (\m/Avenged Sevenfold \m/), turn into country (Blake Shelton *sigh*), and then Disney will come on (everyone secretly loves Hakuna Matata).
I am highly involved with my family life. I have a brother who is thirteen years younger than me. My parents are still married (happily? mostly I guess.…), and we have three dogs (two Maltese and an Imperial Shih-Tzu).
I’m allergic to cats and seafood. I love talking to strangers (life outside my box is fascinating). I love laughing, smiling, baking, movies, reading and writing. So, hi 🙂


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