Module 2 Assessment (Part One)

Writing was never a difficult task for me until I decided this fun activity would be my career. Then writing became a chore. Professors are constantly asking for 1000 word essays, 5-8 page essays, and 10-15 page essays – why do I have to superfluously write what I can explain in a page or two of straightforward writing? Do the professors really care about these research papers in which I determine “William Congreve states that the ideal woman is educated, witty and beautiful, while drawing attention to the hypocritical ideals of the behavior and education of gentlemen in The Way of the World”(actual quote from a paper I am writing)?

I would rather just write for myself, but that raises more questions. Who am I? What is my tone? What is my inner voice? Where will I write? Who will read it? Will it make an impact? What will I write?

In this class, I am given free reign over my writing (as long as I am mindful of grammar and spelling), and I have been at a loss. My mind is completely empty because, for the first time in a long time, I am not being told what to write or how long it has to be. In “How to Find Your Inner Writing Voice”, I realized I am not the only one who struggles with this. I have found myself writing how I think I should, not how I want to write. I am terrified of not being good enough, of not being funny or smart enough. I appreciate being given this ability to string words together and sound incredibly smart at times, but I worry that I sound arrogant and superficial on paper. This article has helped me realize that it is okay to be myself when I am writing and I enjoyed it – even though there is a spelling error on #8. Image


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November 4, 2012 · 8:16 pm

One response to “Module 2 Assessment (Part One)

  1. Jo

    Your Congreve quote brought back memories of writing papers for my MA degree. I love the Restoration writers, but hated writing the boring academic papers required to prove that I really understood what I already knew I understood :))

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