Single In An Online World

Recently, I was having a fun discussion with a friend about this guy she was talking to. When I questioned how they met, she was a bit reserved in giving details, and when she finally said it she was almost embarrassed. They met online. She is not the first of my friends to meet some guy this way, not even the first in my family. Two aunts of mine met someone in an online chatroom and have established relationships with these men. One of my aunts, I’ll call her Nina for the purpose of this blog, had joined,,, and a few other dating sites, before meeting her (now fiance) date, who happened to live in TEXAS, while she lives in Florida. My other aunt actually uprooted her life in New York to marry her (now)husband, oddly enough, in Texas as well. What happened to regular dating, like we used to see on in movies? You've Got Mail PosterAfter You’ve Got Mail came out, I feel like online dating has become this craze – even though we have to be wary of whom we met. We wanted to meet a total stranger and fall in love. Can this happen?


I’m going undercover to find out!


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