I think I have finally realized why I’m not ready to be an adult (even though it’s a little too late and I can’t stop time). In the past few weeks I have severely been slacking in school and now my grades are starting to show it. It’s hard though. To make matters a little more difficult, my dad flew to Colorado for two weeks because of work. I have to get up earlier than normal to help my mother get her day going – a task they share. It would be easier if it was just the two of us, but we have to get my little brother up and dressed, fed, and make sure he has everything he needs for school. I’ve already had to stop by to drop off something they left (an easier task since he goes to the same school my mother teaches at). I missed classes on Monday because of his early release schedule, only showing up to take a midterm… it’s hard to be a grown up. And I don’t want to share this with my mother because then she’ll feel like I’m taking a harder load than I should be. So I’ll share with everyone else 😀

As for my blog updates, I haven’t felt like I have anything worth saying. I’m just a stressed out 21 year old, and really… why I have to say about my feelings isn’t that important. But I’ll try a little harder to impress everyone. Pinky swear.



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